Cellerciser Bi-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar


  • Bi-Fold Cellerciser
  • Carrying case
  • Balance bar
  • Intro kit which contains 2 DVDs: “Don’t Exercise…Cellercise”, and “Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise” with the Personal Trainer Drop Down Menu
    40 dollar value included, FREE!

Product Description

The Cellerciser Bi-Fold folds in half for easy storage and transport in its accompanying carrying case.

Its triple-tiered springs, durable mat material, and all-steel construction provide superior strength, safety, and life-long durability.

The included Balance Bar attaches to the Cellerciser for added balance and support, is adjustable to 3 heights, and breaks down for storage or transport in the Cellerciser carrying case.

Vendor: Cellerciser

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