Juice Coach Certification Program

Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program
Juice Coach Certification Program

Juice Coach Certification Program

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Juice Coach Certification P...

$ 1,997.00
Juice Guru Certification Course
Core Program– $1,997 Value
(Five Online Modules with Video, MP3s, PDFs)
The Juice Guru Certification Program is the world's first online certified juicing program that provides you with a blueprint to success to build a thriving juice coach practice. 
We’ve worked with leading medical doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists to create a 5-Week training experience where we provide the essential tools to become an expert leading healthy juice lifestyle integration and juice-related cleansing programs
Following the 5-week training, you'll receive an official diploma to certify you as an expert in Juice Coaching.
Our program provides extensive training on the history, science and protocols in juicing. You'll gain wisdom on healing clients with juices, tonics, herbs, superfoods, live soups and smoothies.

Next, we will take you through core training on how to make lucrative income from your acquired skills. The program is designed to enrich you with every facet of business foundation: Presentation, Communication, Promotion, Branding and Marketing Essentials.
You will earn your certification by completing the core modules of the program and successfully passing our online multiple choice certification exam. You will also be required to complete two essays as a mid-term assignment.
The program is designed to show you how to build authority in your field. You'll also receive inside secrets on how to attract a loyal following.
JGCP Module 01 – History, Science and Protocols of Juicing
- The scientific background and relevance of juicing, juice cleansing and fasting so you can lead programs with confidence and authority
- How to use juice therapy protocols to address your client’s goals so you’ll have clients that stick with you for life
- How to lead small group and large group community and online cleanse/ fast programs so you can generate income to sustain your business
JGCP Module 02 – Wisdom On Healing With Juices, Tonics,Herbs, Superfoods, Live Soups and Smoothies
- Healing using juice blends, tonics, herbs and superfoods so you can create programs with incredible results
- How to develop cleansing programs using smoothies and live soups so you can help new clients experience positive results with minimal side effects
- How to use juice fast programs to elicit healing on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual) so you can become a leader in your community (and online)
JGCP Module 03 – Secrets To Being A Successful Juice Guru Coach
- Integrate various teachings from medical doctors who have been leading successful juice fast programs for decades so you can rise above the controversy and misinformation (and set the record straight)
- Empower yourself with strategies to start growing your business right away so you can generate income before you even get certified 
- Discover the many ways to charge your clients for various services so you can start growing your business
JGCP Module 04 – Developing Your Business As A Juice CoachPractitioner And Building Your Brand
- Learn the top marketing strategies that work so you can cut through the complex world of marketing (and avoid paying a PR company to do it for you) 
- Find out the best “on-a-budget” tools you need to thrive so you can avoid hiring a team of web designers and programmers 
- Find out the essential branding skills to get your message out to a worldwide audience so you can truly lead the field
JGCP Module 05 – Developing Your Presentation & Communication Skills
- How to get yourself out there, eliminate fear, get yourself in front of an audience of any size, from one to thousands of people. 
- Deep insights on how to brand yourself and build a worldwide community
- How to present on radio and TV and stand out above the crowd
This Juice Guru Certification Program is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and our Juice Guru Academy is recognized nationally as a college of Natural Juice Therapy.
Bonus:  Professional Presenter Blueprint
Professional Presenter Blueprint – $1,997 Value
(Nine Online Modules with Video, MP3s, PDFs)
Communicating your message – it’s a key skill if you’re speaking, selling, marketing – in fact, it’s vital for business and life; full-stop… end-of… no questions asked.
And that’s what this program is all about.
Program teacher Steve Trister doesn’t just show you how to engage, entertain and energize your audiences - that goes without saying - he shares how you can become awesome at communicating your wellness message too. 
Hailing from the school of “tell it like it is and if you don’t like the truth, then tough”, Steve manages to translate all the tools, techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ he uses as a comedy actor into a language that audiences can easily understand and implement. So you don’t get the usual, run-of-the-mill, fashionable neurolinguistic programming guff (although Steve is trained and qualified in neurolinguistic programming)… you get his decades of learning, understanding and practice, plus his cock-up’s too: there have been plenty, they’re all worth learning from and are guaranteed good for a laugh!
* PPB Module 01 – The Truth Method
* PPB Module 02 – Mindset Maze Process
* PPB Module 03 – The Ultimate Awareness Framework
* PPB Module 04 – Emotion Enhancer System
* PPB Module 05 – Power Gesture Process
* PPB Module 06 – Vocal Variant Framework
* PPB Module 07 – Facial Expression Framework
* PPB Module 08 – Solid Story Telling Model
* PPB Module 09 – Audience Response Formula
Bonus:  Train Your Brain For Entrepreneurial Success
Train Your Brain For Entrepreneurial Success – $1,997 Value
(Eight Online Modules with Video, MP3s, PDFs)
This package will reveal to you why your brain is the most powerful asset you have in your business and how to use it effectively for fast growth.
You will learn and implement 20 Mindware Experiments. By the end of this training you will be able to identify the exact ways you’ve been blocking yourself and implement the exact tool needed to change your situation . . . AND you will be able to use these tools again and again no matter what the obstacle.
You will gain emotional freedom and not only feel hopeful about your business . . . you will “know” success is yours for the having. You will KNOW it, because you will be experiencing that success.
You will lay the foundation for fast growth in your business and see those results while you are still studying and practicing the experiments in this module. Mastering this module gives you complete emotional freedom.
* TYBES Module 01 – The Power of The Mind Aware
* TYBES Module 02 – The Conscious and Unconscious Minds
* TYBES Module 03 – Perfect Language and Mantras
* TYBES Module 04 – Transitory Statements
* TYBES Module 05 – Emotions and The Emotional Scale
* TYBES Module 06 – Intentional Action
* TYBES Module 07 – Train Your Brain for Leadership
* TYBES Module 08 – Training Other Peoples’ Brains
Bonus:  Juice Guru Solution App
Bonus:  The Father of Juicing Jay Kordich School of Juicing
Jay Kordich "Juiceman" School of Juicing – $97 Value
  • Get the Basics on Juicing-  4 Modules that include everything you'll ever need to know to teach about juicing, including how to keep your clients motivated.
  • Juice Combining- Find out essential secrets to rapid weight-loss through optimal food and juice combining
  • Healing Juices - Discover the healing power of green plant life for superior health and longevity
  • Living Kitchen - Find out how to teach your clients the importance of creating an interactive, living and super organized kitchen space
  • Overcoming Challenges- How to demystify, identify and overcome negative emotions, inner-conflicts and challenges as we teach others to develop a healthy lifestyle
  • Even more recipes- Jay shares his time-tested juice recipes, the core recipes that has him thriving today, at the ripe young age of 92.


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