Tribest Wolfgang, WM-360-A Supreme Grain Mill

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The Wolfgang Grain Mill is the easy way to get fresh flour from your favorite grains at home.  Its low 14" profile fits easily into any kitchen, yet its larger-than-life performance rivals taht of even its largest competitors. The Wolfgang Grain Mill's grind setting is infinitely adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect consistency -- whether you like your flour super-fine or coarse. With a lightning-quick 3.5 oz./minute griding capacity at the finest setting, its ultra-hard ceramic and corundum millstones make fast work of even the toughest grains without the heating typically found with stainless-steel mills. Plus, it is encased in a beautiful beech cabinet so it looks as good as it performs. 


Griding Capacity: 3.5 Oz./minute

Dimensions: 9" W x 14" H x 7" D

Packaged Weight: 20 lbs. 

    Vendor: Tribest

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