Wow! I could’ve had a REAL V-8!

Processed juices just don’t cut it. They are over-processed, heated, use conventional produce and don’t contain the useful enzymes required to take your health to the next level.Raw V-8

This recipe for “The Real V-8″ tastes BETTER than the juice you may have had as a child. Best of all, it’s loaded with fresh, organic and enzyme-rich longevity-giving ingredients.

Press one up today. Share one with your favorite neighborhood kiddo. You’ll be glad you did.

Organic Ingredients:

2 medium tomatoes (Heirloom, if in season)
4 medium-large carrots
1/2 stalk of celery (approximately 4-5 celery ribs)
1/4 inch of beet
1 bunch of Italian parsley
8 leaves of romaine lettuce
2 cups of spinach leaves
1 bunch of watercress


1. Wash your produce well in a bowl containing a mixture of water mixed with 1/4 cup of Organic Apple Cider with 2 squeezed lemons. Rinse in a salad spinner.
2. In a low-rpm juicer, alternate pressing tomato, carrots, parsley, watercress, celery, spinach, celery and beet.
3. Stir and serve immediately.

Juicy Fact

This improved take on the juice you already love includes watercress, a wonderful dark green leafy vegetable not often juiced. Big mistake. Watercress is high in vitamin K which is important for blood clotting and bone strength and formation. It is also very high in vitamin C, vitamin A and Calcium.