5 Hidden Benefits of Daily Juice (Day 3 of 4)

In the last chapter of my story, I introduced you to the concept of Daily Juice.Woman Using Juicer

And told you how this one simple thing – better than anything else I have found in my 20 years as a health expert – finally ended my yo-yo cycle with weight gain.

I’ve also used this simple solution…combined with periodic juice fasts…to help transform thousands of people for good (including my wife, Julie).

But something else happened the day I started drinking Daily Juice I want to share with you. Something unexpected…

Something incredible…

As I lost weight, I actually GAINED tons of energy. And I mean TONS.

After I drink a juice I press myself – a juice full of greens, like kale and spinach, or apples or cilantro – I feel a rush of energy. Sustainable energy that lasts me for hours, unlike after anything else, including caffeine.

And after years of working with people incorporating juicing into their lives, I’ve heard this and other remarkable “side effects” of a juice a day:

  • They sleep better.
  • Their symptoms of P.M.S. or menopause are alleviated.
  • They report thinking more clearly.
  • Symptoms of chronic illness lessen or disappear.

In other words, they are losing weight while getting healthier than they’ve been in a long time – something no “diet” can do for you.

This hidden benefit is particularly astonishing, yet it shouldn’t really be “hidden” to anyone…

I mean, consider this:  The well-documented benefits of just one “apple a day” include extreme antioxidant power, reduced risk for heart disease, blood sugar regulation, anti-cancer and anti-asthma benefits (among many others).

Now consider that an average 32-ounce juice can contain 3-5 apples. Plus, it could have half a bunch of leafy, cancer-kicking kale or spinach, or an inch of arthritis-busting ginger.

And the best part of Daily Juice is that a juice can taste sweet like candy…or savory…or spicy. And incorporating it into your life won’t change your lifestyle.


At this point, you may be thinking:  I want these things. I want to Daily Juice. But, at the same time, you may also be thinking how can I possibly do this alone? Or fit this in MY busy life? Or not change my lifestyle?

These hurdles (or “limiting beliefs” I like to call them) can be holding you back from one of the best – and most simple – things you can do for yourself.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I will help you bust every one of the limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from the body (and health) you want.

Here’s to you becoming your own guru,

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Steve Prussack is the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Juice Fasting.” He is CEO of Juice Guru, a program dedicated to spreading the message about juicing for healthy living. He is the host of “Juice Guru Radio” which airs on i heart radio. In addition, Steve is the founder and publisher of the #1 health-related magazine in Apple’s Newsstand on juicing and veggie living, “VegWorld Magazine.”

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